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BEVA congress

London Vet show


March 2021

Bova UK is really excited to announce they are sponsoring this year’s Vets with Horse Power Virtual Tour.
A physical 2021 tour couldn’t take place, so the VWHP team is taking the project online for a 25 hour continuous, live set of 30 lectures. The event goes live on the 29th of April 2021, at 8 am UK time (7 am GMT).

Registration costs a minimum of £10, all proceeds will be directed to the chosen charities.
Here is a list of all the talks and speakers (click to enlarge):

You can pay and register here: 

Spaces are limited so don’t miss out!! 

January 2021

Who is your Bova UK Territory Manager? (click the image to expand)


‘Regarding the Cascade, how can you legally, as opposed to just medically, justify going straight to (extemporised) reformulation if you have not actually tried other options?’ (Webinar Snippet).

Presenter, Danielle Gunn-Moore, responds to the audiences’ question following the Bova UK sponsored webinar ‘ Easing compliance of medicating cats‘ hosted by The Webinar Vet.  Read Danielle’s response here


Meet pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Nicholas Bova. From a small Sydney-based business in Australia, Nick Bova has launched the company onto the international platform for veterinary medicine. Read more on the story by The Webinar Vet: 5 MINUTES WITH NICK BOVA

APRIL 2018

PR Release: Vet Surgeon – New Range of Veterinary Specials

MARCH 2018

PR Release: Vet Times – Bova UK Expands Into Small Animal Market

PR Release:Vet Poll – Bova UK Expands Into Small Animal Market