How to Video Gallery

At Bova UK we have created this series of “how to videos” in a video gallery.  We are committed to providing quality “specials” products and additional services such as this. The aim of this video gallery is to make preparing and administration of our products much easier for the animal and owner.

Products used in these videos firstly, only placebo (no active ingredients, just a base) products have been used for the making of these videos. Secondly, during the videos we have demonstrated how to apply and administer the placebo much slower. This allows a clear demonstration to refer to.  When at home, you will generally be quicker to administer the product, before the animal gets fidgety.

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The stars of the video gallery Bova UK have used a range of animals to make these videos. And we thought it would be good to introduce them to you with a bit of background information.

Pumba and her owner Jane Skinner (right). 

Pumba is a very beautiful 12 year old welsh cross thoroughbred, and they live in the lovely New Forest. Pumba is a bit of a star on the local dressage circuit with Jane, regularly coming home in the ribbons after being placed. If they aren’t practicing their next test in the menage, then they are out investigating the local countryside checking out what is grazing out and about.

Betty and her owner Emma Jones

Betty is Emma’s 15 year old Blue British Short Hair, who she has had from a kitten. Betty spends most of her days cuddled up in the dog bed with Winston.  She is also a total lap magnet.  She still rules the roost at home and one look from Betty and Winston retreats.

Winston and his owner Emma Jones

Winston is a French Bull dog. Emma rescued him when he was 8 months old and he is certainly a character. Winston has been used for these videos as brachycephalic breeds can often be hard to administer medication to,  yet suffer with a range of problems necessitating medication.

Gem and Harley and their owner Michelle Hall

Harley is an 8 1/2 year old German Shepherd, who has lived with Michelle since she was a puppy. She was only 5 months old when her first born arrived and has been the most fantastic and gentle family dog.

Gem is a 7 1/2 year old chocolate Labrador who joined Michelle’s family over three years ago and fitted in brilliantly. They are both much loved family pets.


#1 How to administer a paste for a horse

If you have a really difficult or anxious horse then please visit the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) page as they have done a great series of “Dont Break your Vet” videos featuring vet and equine behaviourist Gemma Pearson. Click here

#2 how to draw up the paste from a pot with a 60mL syringe

#3 How to draw up the paste from a pot with a 10mL syringe

#4 How to draw up the paste from a tube with a 10mL syringe

#5 How to apply transdermal gel to a cat

#6 how to draw up liquid from a bottle

#7 How to use an ophthalmic bottle from Bova UK

#8 How to administer ophthalmic drops to a brachycephalic (short nose) dog

#9 How to administer ophthalmic drops to a medium size dog

#10 How to administer ophthalmic drops to a large size dog

#11 How to administer a paste to a long nose dog

#12 How to administer a paste to a cat

#13 How to administer paste to a short nose dog

Watch a customer video that has been sent in. This cat is taking a Bova UK medication that has been prescribed to it by a veterinary surgeon.

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